15% Of Americans Don’t Have Internet. 5% Think It’s Irrelevant.
On: September 25, 2013

Five percent of Americans have resisted the siren song of cat listicles and hashtags. Specifically, they think the Internet is “irrelevant,” to use words of Pew, which just released a report on the demographic of Americans without Internet.

In total, 15% of Americans don’t go online for a variety of reasons. By far the largest reason is that it’s a “waste of time”. A smaller slice of Americans can’t get online for a few reasons related to thedigital divide: the Internet is too expensive, it’s inaccessible in their area, or it’s too complicated. The delightful chart below shows all the glorious reasons why some Americans live off the grid:


About half (44%) of these offliners qualify for Medicare. 20% are from rural areas and 41% have no high school diploma:


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