Branded Entertainment

Let’s face it… The world we live in has changed. It’s become more and more difficult to attract the attention of consumers. Traditional advertising doesn’t have the same impact that it once did yet the cost of television and print advertising is on the rise.

How do you cut through the clutter and distinguish your brand? How do you transform your brand into a “personality” that will elicit an emotional response creating consumer conversation and loyalty? The answer?


Story telling is the most powerful means of communicating a message. Without a compelling story a brand is dead on arrival. People are moved by emotion and the best way to connect to an emotion is to tell a story….More and more brands are turning to storytelling because as human beings our attitudes, values, fears and hopes are all influenced by story. The digital age has created an incredible opportunity for Brands to cost-effectively tell engaging stories that capture the essence of the brand while entertaining and emotionally connecting to the consumer.

We want to help you create stories for your brand. Converge Media Group is a full service management and creative media production company specializing in comedic television and multimedia content. Converge Media is truly a turn-key operation, from initial creative to final production and distribution; we leverage our personal relationships with Hollywood Talent and our understanding of brand initiatives to create, produce and distribute original video content. We are focused on the convergence of brands, entertainment and demographics. We will work side by side with your brand managers ( or advertising agency) to create comedic content that influences and inspires your target audience to share that experience with others. The formidable sway of peer-to-peer network marketing will help launch your brand and build a loyal customer base.