Comedian Crashes Cell Phone Calls of Strangers at Disneyland
On: March 28, 2014

Greg Benson has mastered the art of cell phone crashing. The 46-year-old comedian sits next to someone talking loudly on the phone and begins responding to whatever they say. Back in December, we covered a video of Benson pulling this off at Los Angeles International Airport. That clip has since been viewed over 8 million times.

On Wednesday, Benson uploaded a new edition of cell phone crashing to YouTube. This time he took his talents to Disneyland.

“Yeah, we’re gonna say hi to Pluto. You want to say hi to Pluto?” asks a woman, who is within earshot of the Disney character and right next to Benson. The comedian does not miss a beat, leaning in towards the cartoon dog and saying, “OK. Hi, Pluto! OK. Anything else?”

The woman’s reaction is priceless. However like most people in the video, she eventually laughs along with the prank.

“I never want to make anyone mad or unhappy,” Benson told us of his intentions. “Actually the opposite; I like to have a good time, and I hope the people I’m pranking are having a good time too.”

The idea to “cell phone crash” started while Benson was standing in line at the post office.

“A guy was yammering on his cell phone, and I started to answer him for the amusement of people around me,” he recalled. “It was so much fun I started doing it every once in a while.”

Benson, who lives in Los Angeles, has also brought his cell phone crashing skills to parks and soccer games, near home and in San Francisco. He told us that for his latest installment, he just was looking for an excuse to go to Disneyland.

“It’s a really fun place to shoot,” he added. “People are in a good mood. That makes it much more fun.”

While Benson calls this “one of the most fun pranks that I can do,” it does not mean people are always happy with him. He left one woman out of the latest video at her request because she became so upset with him.

But as evidenced in the skit, she is more the exception than the rule. Benson admits at the end what each of his marks thought from the beginning: that he was in fact listening in on their call. A guy who confronted Benson about it says, “That’s great!” Another person kind of recognizes the comedian, saying, “Hey you’re the guy that does the thing with the phone!”

“Everyone has been irritated by a loud cell phone talker in public,” Benson said. “I view it more funny as anything that these people have private conversations amidst a group of strangers.”

By Ralphie Aversa

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