Everyone’s talking about HBO’s Clear History. Don’t miss it on Saturday at 9pm!
On: August 9, 2013

Check out some of the articles about the show!

USA Today.com – “I love this movie: HBO’s ‘Clear History’” by Whitney Matheson


“Clear History is a perfect little movie that makes the wait for another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm all the more painful. Every actor is at the top of his/her game… and David offers a few poignant moments on top of the singalong Chicago soundtrack.  Clear History airs Saturday on HBO at 9 p.m. ET. I give it my highest recommendation.”

 Washington Post – “In HBO’s ‘Clear History,’ Larry David is Still Irascible But a Little Restrained” by Hank Stuever 

“But under Mottola’s direction and with what appears to be an ebullient and productive collaboration with an array of writers, producers and co-stars, ‘Clear History’ (which airs Saturday night) fashions a newer, more restrained Larry from the wake of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’  It’s a somewhat kinder and gentler approach, and it works.”

 Wall Street Journal – “Clear History”

“The rest is history, delivered by the script—a wonderfully diverting film with Mr. David at his abrasive best.”

clearhistory WKAR.org – “A ‘Curb’-Like Comedy And The Return Of ‘Breaking Bad’” by David Bianculli


“Saturday night on HBO, though, Larry David serves up a winner… He and his writing partners have teamed up with director Greg Mottola for a summer-TV delight.… Whether Larry David is writing movies or series for HBO, it turns out to be impossible for me to … curb my enthusiasm.”

 Isthmus.com – “Clear History is a feature-length showcase for Larry David’s masochism” by Dean Robbins


“Clear History is a showcase for [Larry David’s] comic genius, including the usual insights into minutiae you’ve never thought about before… I just hope he can allow himself a moment’s satisfaction for his long-form achievement in Clear History.”

 NewsOK.com – “‘Clear History’ a treat for Larry David fans” by Melissa Hayer


“If you’re a fan of David’s, you’ll certainly get a kick out of this film, which was almost totally improvised.”

 MTV.com – “The Weekend Plan: ‘Lovelace,’ ‘Clear History’, And Beyonce’s New ‘Do”


“Humiliated by his seriously colossal mistake, he hides out in Martha’s Vineyard until his past catches up with him and, oh yes, hilarity ensues. The epic cast alone is worth leeching off one of your friends who has HBO—there’s Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, and Bill Hader, to name a few.  It should be a good laugh for anyone who’s ever let a genius idea get away…”

 TV Guide.com – “Weekend Review: Breaking Bad, Low Winter Sun, White Queen, Strike Back, Clear History” by Matt Roush


 Buffalo News.com – “David’s HBO movie should have curbed the excess time” by Alan Pergament, 2 1/2 stars out of 4


 IndieWire.com – “’Clear History’ Provides a Welcome Dose of Larry David, But Doesn’t Feel Like Much of a Movie” by Ailson Willmore


 Boston Globe – “Larry David’s Overwhelming Larry Davidness” by Matthew Gilbert 

 Television Without Pity.com – “Clear History: Curb Your Bearded Enthusiasm” by Aly Semigran


LA Times.com – “TV Picks: ‘What Not To Wear,’ ‘Breaking Bad ‘ Larry David twice” by Robert Lloyd


 USA Today.com – “Weekend TV: ‘The White Queen,’ ‘Clear History’” by Robert Bianco