Happy Friday From Converge! Check Out These Amusing Short Films Where Strangers Show The Latest Photo Taken On Their Phones
On: January 31, 2014

San Francisco-based interactive artist Ivan Cash is definitely on to something. His project Last Photo is an ongoing video series in which he travels to different cities and asks random strangers what the last photo taken on their phone is. Cash has put together short films in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and as you can imagine the responses are as intriguing as they are entertaining, covering the spectrum from bizarre to mundane.

Talking to strangers is something Cash has been doing his whole life, and he believes it to be “one of the most powerful acts we as humans can perform.” He relates these spontaneous encounters to “an ephemeral little love affair—them sharing a personal moment and me listening and holding their space sans judgement.” Cash’s films shed light on the ordinary, mundane, disposable moments that are captured with the ease of our cell phones, giving us a window into the unfiltered and candid worlds of the people around us.

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