Jenny McCarthy Brings On Lynne Koplitz For Her “Dirty Sexy Funny” Show
On: February 12, 2014

As soon as a buxom blonde squeaks down a stripper pole, it’s pretty evident that there will be nothing remotely ladylike about this ladies’ night out.

In “Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty Sexy Funny,” on Friday night at 11 on Epix, Ms. McCarthy — her gift for raunch on full display — tackles the plight of the modern woman with backup from the comedians Justine Marino, Tammy Pescatelli, Lynne Koplitz, Paula Bel and Tiffany Haddish.


As verbal burlesque goes, it’s uneven. Some of the routines, filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, hit the mark — be it the power of a provocative heel or the perils of certain sexual positions — like a well-aimed Ping-Pong ball. (Let’s just say Ms. McCarthy isn’t shy about lampooning the body that earned her Playboy Playmate of the Year status, or the men who ogle it.)

Others seem more like an excuse for potty-mouth behavior with expletives as the main attraction. But one moment, its subject not appropriate for a family newspaper, is positively sidesplitting: Women, we’ve all been there.Those few minutes alone make Ms. McCarthy and company the perfect Valentine’s Day date