Short-Form Video Trend: Vine, Instagram and Social Video Sharing
On: January 30, 2014

2014 is shaping up as the year the short-video format really catches on. Its popularity is already soaring—more than 40 million people are on Twitter-owned Vine and another 150 million-plus have accounts on Instagram, owned by Facebook.

In the first eight hours of Instagram Video’s existence, more than a year’s worth of video was uploaded. (That is, it would take a full year to sit down and watch consecutively all the content uploaded in those first hours.) Within 24 hours, more than 1 million Instavids, the common user term for Instagram videos, had been uploaded.

Vine’s just as hot. Every second, nine Tweets that include a Vine video are sent. The Facebook page of a group called “Best of Vines” (not affiliated with Vine) posts daily video picks and has 18 million likes—since June. Vine recently added the ability to view its mobile app on the web, opening up a new avenue for viewing, commenting and following.

Major brands, such as Dunkin’ DonutsTrident gum, Virgin Mobile and Mountain Dew, are taking short-form video very seriously and beginning to put more and more time, talent and strategy into the format.

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