‘The Source’ Magazine Interviews Guy Code Stars Damien Lemon And Donnell Rawlings
On: April 21, 2014

The Source caught up with comeddamienlemonians Damien Lemon and Donnell Rawlings to talk about everything Guy Code

There are plenty of shows that cater to a women’s perspective but what about a show for the fellas?

MTV2’s hit comedy show, Guy Code, returns for a fourth season and is larger than ever. Featuring a brilliantly colorful cast with the likes of Lil Duval, Charlagmagne Tha God, and Damien Lemon it’s almost impossible not to tune in this season.

The fan-favorite show will continue to give guys the hilarious in’s and out’s to being a man and what rules to abide by. The Source caught up with Guy Code stars Damien Lemon and Donnell Rawlings to talk about everything from the upcoming season to comedic inspirations.

Be sure to catch the show every Wednesday at 11 p.m. on MTV2

Read Damien’s interview below:

So season four of Guy Code is here. How does it feel to be in the fourth season? Did you see it going this far?

Damien Lemon: Man, I feel like an OG. It feels good to watch the show grow and build fans. But what I really like is helping dudes out with my own stories and my own perspectives and I like that people look to it as a resource. I can’t tell you how many times I’m on the street and people tell me about their guy code stories. I honestly feel like we are hitting our stride, you would think us being four seasons deep we wouldn’t have much to talk about. But, we uncover new things and also re-visit some old stuff. We really got some dope sketches coming, if you’re a fan you will love it

That’s dope. We’re very big fans of the show and definitely looking forward to that. So what’s the creative process for the show as far as the jokes and everything else?

DL: The creative process is cool, I actually had the pleasure of writing for atleast three of the seasons. Like I been in a room where we would come up with stories and things that impact guys. We would talk about everything from going bald, broke, fat and things like that. So if the topics get approved then we have what’s called a “beat sheet” that is basically a battery of questions for each topic. For example, the beat sheet will round-off questions like “Have you ever been broke”, “What’s the Guy Code to being broke” and questions of that sort. It’s just a bunch of things for the comedians to chatter before they go in. So you usually know what the question is going to be so it gives you time to write down some jokes or say it in the chair. I do a combination of both, I never want to censor myself because those are the best moments.

That’s cool, I never knew it was that much creative process that went into the show. So for the people that don’t know you, how did you get started with stand up, but more importantly how did you get involved with Guy Code?

DL: I started back in 2005, I wanted to do it for some time and it took me a minute to really build up the nerve to get on stage. I went to this place called Sal’s Comedy Hole in the Village that had an open mic and I did five minutes on stage and when I got a few laughs I was hooked. I just stuck with it and worked on my acts and performed when I could then an opportunity to perform at an MTV showcase was presented. I did that and a couple people from MTV saw me and brought me in to tape for a pilot. So as I was taping for a different pilot, Ryan Ling who is actually the creator of Guy Code came in and started introducing himself to everybody. So I asked him what he was working on and he said Guy Code and when he told me what it was about I was like I can do that. I later did a screening test with Andy Stuckey who is the director and he told me “Don’t try to be funny just answer it correctly” so I did that and later got pulled to write and ultimately be on the show.

Where do you draw inspiration for your stand-up from? Like how do you come up with jokes and keep it natural?

DL: Just my life man, sometimes even what the people are talking about.

That understandable. So how’s it working with the other comedians like Andrew Schulz, Chris Distefano and also Donnell Rawlings? 

DL: Well, me and Donnell just did a show in Chicago and me and Andrew knew each other before Guy Code because we both started around the same time. As for Chris, that’s my homeboy we about to do a lot of stuff together on the road coming up. I have love for everybody on the cast and I’m cool with everybody. It’s sort of a testament to the fact that even with the success of everybody on the cast we all can still be cool.

Yeah I can see that with everybody on the show especially when the camera is on two people. So quick question as a fan, you were talking about going on the road. Will you ever go back to Madison Square Garden to perform?

DL: Absolutely at some point and we gonna rock. I think when I was preforming at MSG and was getting booed I let my ego get the best of me. I think I should have threw another joke out to restart, but when they were booing me I was like “I’m from New York how you going to boo me” so I started to flip on them. And you don’t flip at people at the Garden especially when they 5000 deep because they will give it to you. It was definitely a teachable moment.

I feel you, you have to go back to the garden. So back to Guy Code, what are some surprises that you guys got going on this season?

DL: We’re going to crack it open this season. It’s going to be hilarious you have to watch it. I think as for surprises we got my man Julian McCullough back that’s a surprise. We got some new female cast members so that will also be a surprise and some funny ass sketches. I don’t know if it’s a surprise but the sketches we got are funny. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of what you come to know and love about Guy Code. We didn’t compromise any funny for this show.

You can never compromise funny, got to do it for the fans. So in your opinion what are five Guy Codes that all men should follow?

DL: First thing, respect your budget man. Never go broke trying to impress another broke person. Next, don’t be so thirsty man. For example, if you’re going after a woman and she not showing no love understand that. Don’t be the dude that’s texting six to seven times with no response. Also, respect the ‘Buffer Zone”. If there are three urinals and two people and one in the middle…wait a min, it will open up just relax hahaha. Seriously, don’t be that guy that’s trying to squeeze in because you’re doing a lot. Also if you’re going to cheat and you want to include your boy in the alibi, please let your boy know. Seriously, give him a heads up don’t be that guy. Don’t say “Baby we went to a funeral last week” and your boy don’t know what you’re talking about. Lastly, if you on wingman duty it’s not about you. As a wingman, you are there to help your man close. Stop trying to be Westbrook and let Kevin Durant win the MVP.

That’s hilarious. So the last thing we’re going to do is play a game of “On Da Spot”. I’m going to round off topics/names and you’ll give me the first thing that comes to your mind?

DL: Cool.

Tracy Morgan

DL: He’s the Ghostface Killa of comedy.

Why is that?

DL: The reason is because his comedy is random but so brilliantly visual. He will leave you thinking like “Where did he come up with that” just like Ghostface Killa. Like when he was talking about Wheel Chair Jimmy with the cut off gloves and his pillow stink.

DL: It’s like something out a movie

So best hip hop artist in the game?

DL: If we talk about already established, it has to be Jay Z. If we talking about the new generation it goes to Drake. He has the audacity to be great and doesn’t defer to anybody. There’s a lot of rappers that want to be on other people’s records and some want to be the man and I think right now Drake is the man.

New York comedians

DL: We’re dope. This where you come to do comedy and with 100 and one places to perform this where a star is born. There is no place that is more diverse than New York. Plus, we’ve had plenty comedic legends come from New York and NY institutions. The bar is set in New York and there is always somebody that inspires you to be better.

New York Knicks

DL: My motto for the Knicks is “Hope for the best expect the worse”. I will see what happens with the Phil Jackson situation because if he gets a ring with the Knicks then you can’t say sh*t. I feel like there is a culture of mediocrity with the Knicks. For example, if the Yankees don’t make it to the playoffs somebody is getting fired. Whereas, the Knicks are happy to make it to the playoffs. It’s just a different tolerance with the Knicks and part of it has to do with them being the only team apart from hockey that plays in Manhattan. I think we’re spoiled and we when people go to the garden it’s a special night in itself. I would love to see the us win.

Favorite spot to do a show at?

DL: I would have to say Carolines. It’s great and every time I do it it’s a homecoming. A lot of people come out and it’s great. If I had to choose a second it would be the Knitting Factory with my man Hannibal.

Oh, Hannibal Buress, so you guys are mad cool?

DL: Yea, that’s my boy. He took me on tour so me and him are mad tight.


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