Watch Highlights Of Comedy Underground With Dave Attell Featuring The Hilarious Lynne Koplitz
On: May 14, 2014

If you couldn’t stay up late enough to watch ’s comedy underground, here’s a taste of what you missed last night. Want the whole thing? Maybe next time you’ll remember to set that DVR. Here are clips of and this week’s guests, , and Lil Rey Howery.

Dave Attell kicks it off letting the crowd know they are getting a dirty sniff at the finger of comedy.


Lynne Koplitz crushed it on stage in last nights episode. Here she explains what she’s wearing on Comedy Underground and why she’s in a battle with her own skirt.


Lil Rel talks about his mom on Comedy Underground, the woman with the man’s voice.


Judah has problems with the audience and how kidnapping has changed over the years.


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